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Ventus Therapeutics Chief Scientific Officer Michael Crackower, Ph.D., to Present on ReSOLVE™ Platform at Next Generation Undruggable Conference

WALTHAM, Mass. & MONTREAL, October 6, 2022 — Ventus Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company utilizing structural biology and a proprietary computational chemistry platform to identify and develop small molecule therapeutics across a broad range of diseases, announced today that its Chief Scientific Officer, Michael Crackower, Ph.D., will present a case study on the company’s proprietary drug discovery platform, ReSOLVE, at the third annual Next Generation Undruggable conference, taking place on October 11 in Boston, Mass.

Details of the presentation:

  • Title: Case Study: Application of the ReSOLVE Platform to Identify Druggable Pockets and Conduct Virtual Screening in the Absence of any Known Chemical Matter
  • Date: Oct. 11, 2022, 4:20 pm EDT
  • Presenter: Michael Crackower, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Ventus Therapeutics
  • Location: The Bostonian Hotel, Boston, Mass.

The ReSOLVE platform provides Ventus with a differentiated capability to analyze and visualize protein targets at a level of detail not available to others, leading to the identification of promising binding pockets that adopt many transient conformations. With these unique insights, Ventus can create dynamic blueprints, referred to as hydrocophores, that provide specific guidance on the size, shape, and polarity of each potential binding site and, using the hydrocophores, screen billions of compounds with great accuracy to generate novel chemical matter. As an end-to-end drug discovery platform, ReSOLVE allows Ventus to advance novel differentiated small molecules in a much more time- and cost-efficient manner than conventional drug discovery approaches.

For more information about Ventus’ ReSOLVE platform and drug pipeline, visit: www.VentusTx.com.

For more information on the Annual Next Generation Undruggable event, visit: www.nextgenerationundruggable.com.

About Ventus Therapeutics
Ventus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company deploying leading-edge structural biology and computational chemistry tools to create novel small molecule medicines for challenging targets, with an initial focus on immunology, inflammation and neurology. The Company’s proprietary drug discovery platform ReSOLVE gives it the ability to discover and develop medicines through unique insights into protein targets and to create dynamic blueprints that can guide the development of differentiated small molecule medicines. The Company’s lead programs target key innate immune modulators, including NLRP3 and cGAS. The Company aims to use its ReSOLVE platform to improve the way medicines are discovered and developed, with the ultimate goal of restoring the health of people facing serious illnesses.  For more information, please visit www.ventustx.com and engage with Ventus on Twitter @Ventus_Tx or on LinkedIn.

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