While the therapeutic relevance of innate immune pathways is well recognized, drug discovery has been hampered by a dearth of structural knowledge, chemical matter and direct assays.

Ventus’ platform brings together unique structural immunology capabilities to address these challenges and pursue some of the most important targets in the field. The platform employs proprietary protein engineering to solve molecular structures, enable novel binding and functional screening assays, and power structure-based modeling.

Our Structural Immunology platform includes 4 areas of Ventus’ core capabilities. Explore them in the graphic below.

Protein Engineering

Rational & Structure-based
Drug Design Toolkit

Proprietary protein engineering and expression →

← Direct binding assays

← Functional assays

← Structural modeling

Unique know-how for engineering, stably expressing and purifying monomeric proteins enables the application of target directed drug discovery
Biophysical assays used to conduct HTS campaigns, with curated compound libraries, identify specific target binders and drive SAR to identify high affinity compounds
Unique biochemical assays and cell-based assays allow rapid assessment of functional activity of direct binders
X-ray crystallography or cryoEM applied to stably expressed monomeric proteins permits determination of protein structure and compound binding mode to enable structure based-drug design

We are applying our platform to critical nodes in the inflammasome and nucleic acid sensing pathways which play a fundamental role in a range of diseases.