In our unique approach to structure-based drug discovery, Ventus uses two platforms, the ReSOLVE platform and the Structural Immunology platform. Both platforms include distinct and proprietary technologies to reveal biologically validated, but elusive, drug targets in important disease pathways.


ReSOLVE platform

Drug discovery challenge

Proteins are highly dynamic, readily adopting multiple conformations in their aqueous environment. While these conformations can inform novel ways to optimize active site compounds or uncover previously unknown sites, they represent only part of the critical information required for optimal drug discovery. Solvation that is present in a putative binding pocket must be displaced to permit high affinity binding of a small molecule, since it represents the primary energetic factor responsible for compound-protein interaction.

Ventus solution

The ability to model the dynamic protein structure and the dynamic structure of solvation in a binding pocket is instrumental to identifying and optimizing the highest affinity compounds. This is what ReSOLVE does. It models advanced protein molecular dynamics and the dynamic solvation structure of putative binding pockets.

With the ReSOLVE platform, Ventus has a unique and proprietary way to discover and validate novel binding sites invisible to other approaches, investigate SAR (structure activity relationships) with the highest resolution, and conduct vast virtual screening to identify compounds in the absence of pre-existing chemical matter. ReSOLVE permits developing new medicines for challenging targets with proven and tested small molecule drug discovery, rather than resorting to new, risky therapeutic modalities. This is the power of resolution.


Structural Immunology platform

Drug discovery challenge

While the therapeutic relevance of innate immune pathways is well recognized, drug discovery has been hampered by a dearth of structural knowledge, chemical matter and direct assays.

Ventus solution

Ventus’ Structural Immunology platform brings together unique capabilities to address these challenges and pursue some of the most important targets in the field. The platform employs proprietary protein engineering to solve molecular structures, enables novel binding and functional screening assays, and powers structure-based modeling.

Advanced protein engineering capabilities are central to the Structural Immunology platform, allowing Ventus to express and purify monomeric proteins to enable the application of target directed drug discovery. Once the structure of the protein has been elucidated, additional components of the platform are applied for structure-based drug discovery, including high throughput screening for direct binders, biochemical assay development and proprietary computational chemistry.

We are applying our Structural Immunology platform to critical nodes in the inflammasome and nucleic acid sensing pathways which play a fundamental role in a range of diseases.