In our unique approach to structure-based drug discovery, Ventus uses two platforms, the ReSOLVE platform and the Structural Immunology platform. Both platforms include distinct and proprietary technologies to reveal biologically validated, but elusive, drug targets in important disease pathways.

high-value targets

We select only those targets that defy conventional approaches and have a high degree of preclinical, clinical and genetic validation for serious diseases.

APPLY our platform

Ventus’ drug discovery platforms combine leading-edge computational chemistry technologies with unique structural biology capabilities, protein engineering, biophysics and chemistry.

novel intervention points

Using our structural biology/protein and computational chemistry platforms, we identify previously unknown small molecule binding pockets and other intervention points, enabling discovery of potent and differentiated chemical matter for new drug compounds.

Identify the most
druggable protein conformations

Our computational platform identifies the protein conformations most responsive to modulation by conventional small molecules. We integrate a suite of technologies that enable advanced molecular dynamics, define all possible conformations of a protein, and determines the accurate dynamic solvation structure of a protein.

dynamic solvation structure

We accurately define the precise and dynamic solvation structure of small molecule binding pockets. This unique capability leads to the most complete understanding of the physics-based parameters of small molecule and protein interaction and, therefore, the highest resolution for rational drug design.

unlock structure-based drug
discovery for critical targets

At the foundation of our approach, we apply structural biology and proprietary protein engineering to solve challenging protein structures across many disease biologies. These capabilities position Ventus as the only company structurally enabled for high-value and elusive targets in innate immune pathways of relevance for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, as well as cancer.