About Us

Ventus is a well funded, Versant Ventures and GV (formerly Google Ventures)-backed biotech company with an initial focus directed toward innovative small molecule therapeutics targeting key innate immune pathways.  Ventus was founded by scientific thought leaders in structural immunology and innate immunity who discovered that innate immune signaling leads to the formation of multimeric complexes that drive the subsequent inflammatory cascade.  Leveraging the expertise of our founders, Ventus has quickly become the leader in pursuing biochemical and structure-based drug discovery for highly sought-after targets of the innate immune system. Crucial to these efforts was the establishment of our proprietary physics-based ReSolve computational platform, our industry-leading approach for describing the solvation state of a protein in motion. Looking to the future, Ventus will be expanding our pipeline through application of our structural biology and computational platforms to the rational discovery of small molecule therapeutics beyond innate immunity. To learn more about Ventus Therapeutics visit Ventustx.com.

Position Overview

Ventus is seeking a highly motivated scientist to join the Protein Sciences team. This individual will collaborate with other scientists and cross-functional team members in order to advance drug discovery projects. They will work independently, as well as part of a multi-disciplinary research team to design, conduct, and analyze studies focused on protein engineering/expression, crystallographic and cryo-EM studies in support of novel drug candidate identification and optimization.

Key Responsibilities

  • Independently design, conduct, interpret, troubleshoot and report studies using a wide range of established methodologies to identify/characterize small molecules suitable for clinical development
  • Engineer, express and purify recombinant proteins for use in crystallography and cryo-EM
  • Provide expertise in the protein-small molecular compound complex structure determination as an essential component of structure-based drug design efforts
  • Develop and implement a range of biochemical/biophysical assays to support investigation of a diverse range of target classes
  • Integral member of project teams contributing to the scientific direction of programs
  • Communicate and effectively collaborate with teams and colleagues to meet experimental and organizational goals
  • Contribute to the discovery and development of novel clinical drug candidates

Minimum Requirements

  • MS in Biochemistry/Biophysics with 3-5 years of experience (BS 10+ years) in structural biology; biotechnology and/or pharma experience preferred
  • Technical expertise in protein production, purification and X-ray crystallography/cryo-EM
  • Previous experience characterizing protein-ligand interactions by biophysical methods. Strong working knowledge of techniques such as ITC, SPR, TSA, MST, etc.
  • Experience collaborating with external vendors
  • Demonstrated excellence in structural biology supported by publication in top tier journals
  • Innovative, entrepreneurial, and enjoys working in a fast-paced, small-company environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Send CVs to careers@ventustx.com